Key Publications

These publications will inform the basis of our approach to both work streams and all projects within Work Package 5. As we progress through this work package we will update this list of key publications, as well as add to the list with publications of our own.

Pneumococcal work stream
  1. Bonten, Marc JM, et al. "Polysaccharide conjugate vaccine against pneumococcal pneumonia in adults." New England Journal of Medicine 372.12 (2015): 1114-1125.
  2. Rodrigo, Chamira, et al. "Impact of infant 13-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine on serotypes in adult pneumonia." European Respiratory Journal 45.6 (2015): 1632-1641.

Influenza work stream
  1. Baguelin, Marc, et al. "Extending the elderly-and risk-group programme of vaccination against seasonal influenza in England and Wales: a cost-effectiveness study." BMC medicine 13.1 (2015): 1
  2. Baguelin, Marc, et al. "Assessing optimal target populations for influenza vaccination programmes: an evidence synthesis and modelling study." PLoS Med 10.10 (2013): e1001527.
  3. Cromer, Deborah, et al. "The burden of influenza in England by age and clinical risk group: a statistical analysis to inform vaccine policy." Journal of Infection 68.4 (2014): 363-371.